The Finals: The Next Big Thing In Free-To-Play FPS Games

March 09, 2023
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Embark Studios, a veteran team of ex-dice developers, is working on what could be the next big thing in free-to-play first-person shooter games. The Finals promises an action-filled squad shooter with a focus on destruction mechanics, fast-paced shooting, and an extremely fluid movement system, all set in a gameshow-type setting.

Credit: Embark Studios

In this upcoming free-to-play shooter, players will plug into the virtual world of The Finals, joining teams in escalating tournaments, and fighting it out in beautifully-rendered arenas based on real-world locations that can be altered, exploited, and even destroyed. The server-sided destruction mechanics could lead to some incredible plays and clips from skilled players. While the game is still in closed beta, and not too much is known about the final version of the game yet, it appears to be a team-based squad shooter experience. We expect The Finals to play like a fast-paced and chaotic version of Battlefield with the movement system taking heavy inspiration from games like Apex Legends.

The Finals isn’t just about destruction. Players will have access to different skills across what they refer to as “body builds”, similar to a traditional loadout in an FPS game, but with more limitations based on your selected body build. This, in addition to a wide array of weapons and gadgets, makes it look like players will have the ability to really tailor their gameplay experience to their own playstyles.

Credit: Embark Studios

The game also has an incredibly colorful and saturated art style, nailing the gameshow-type feeling, with satisfying particle effects when eliminating other contestants, as well as an in-game announcer that catches every bit of the action as you go. The Finals is free-to-play and includes customization options such as skins for weapons and characters and a battlepass. The potential to offer unique and fun skins in this game due to its vibrant aesthetic and unique characters is huge. Players will also supposedly be able to design their own unique avatar.

Players will have the chance to try the game out for themselves throughout the closed beta from March 7th to 21st, if they can get their hands on a beta key. We can’t wait to see how all the gameplay mechanics play out once we get our own hands on it during the beta. Have you played it? Let us know your thoughts below!

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