Project Type

Game Marketing & PR

Escape The Backrooms

Escape The Backrooms (Fancy Games) is a viral horror game for PC inspired by the fictional “backrooms” lore – Learn more about how Pixelrain Studios helped the developers behind Escape The Backrooms improve their game and reach a wider audience.

Client’s Request

The client wanted to improve the early-game experience for new players

Our Approach

As always we started by diving into the game and experiencing it for ourselves, taking notes as we went along. We eventually discovered a few problems with the lack of tutorials in the game, and had some troubles getting through the early levels due to poor signposting and other issues. While the game was awesome, we knew how we could improve it and make it easier for new players to get into.

We provided feedback on how to improve various levels of the game, adding signposting elements and providing tutorial outlines that would help players familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and concept. We then provided feedback for over half the game and it’s levels, as well as suggested new supporting mechanics to further enhance the gameplay experience. We finally formatted everything into a neat design feedback document, and sent it to the client.

The client loved the feedback and left a 5-star review. As of 2024, the game now has around 3 million downloads on Steam according to Gamalytic and SteamDB.

"Client did not leave a testimonial, but left a 5-star review!"

Developer, Fancy Games