Project Type

Game Design Feedback

Darkest AFK

Darkest AFK (Alice Games FZE) is a highly popular mobile idle RPG game inspired by hit roguelike game “Darkest Dungeon” – Learn more about how Pixelrain Studios helped the developers behind Darkest AFK improve the game and reach a wider audience.

Client’s Request

The client wanted feedback to improve their core gameplay loop, increase overall ratings and improve D0-D7 retention.

Our Approach

In order to improve the gameplay and improve retention for Darkest AFK, we first had to uncover what the game’s existing strengths and weaknesses were. We started by playtesting the game for a few days, gathering information on how the game plays, feels and introduces new players. We eventually started to see some issues with onboarding, design loops and other factors of the game.

We spent a few days creating potential solutions and design suggestions for how to fix those issues, as well as how to improve the aspects of the game that were already good but had the potential to be great! We also provided ideas for new gameplay mechanics, content ideas and gameplay improvements. We made sure to look at their reviews and take into account critical player feedback along the way.

Finally we took a look at how to improve their overall monetization methods to increase revenue based on available statistics and context. Lastly we documented everything and formatted it neatly within a game design feedback document and delivered the work to our client within their one week deadline. The client was very happy with the feedback, and their team took got to work making the necessary changes and improvements to improve the overall state of their game.

The game now has over two million downloads and a very positive review of 4.3 with over 37k reviews left on the game’s Google Play page alone!

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"Connor of Pixelrain Studios is a great expert! He did a very good job, and it was a real pleasure to work with him. The work was completed in accordance with the guidelines and the deadline. Moreover, he responded to our further questions quickly and professionally. Will definitely work with him again!"

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